We're here to shift the intimate, (and sometimes dreadful) relationship you have with your period.

Each 2 oz jar of The Ritual contains 1,200 mg of Full Spectrum CBD. We don't like to brag, but with us you get more bang for your buck as compared to other brands at a similar price point with less than half the potency.

As a tiny team of two, we're able to keep our overhead much lower than most brands in this space. How? By being intentional with every single decision we make.


While we have to ship our product in something to get it in your hands, we try our best to refrain from excess packaging and putting our money where we think it matters most, back into the product itself. We're made in small batches and have  a direct relationship with the small family-run farms we partner with, accessible third-party lab reports, and the highest quality, organically grown whole plant CBD. In doing so, we can lower the price, and up the potency to bring you a better period, which is one thing we'll never get ENUF of.